An extremely cute and charming sketch portrait of me!

Renée Blackburn

Software Engineer in Toronto, Canada

Who I Am

I like video games, illustration, and list-making. I believe the web is for everyone and everyone should be part of making it. Inclusivity in tech is important to me. Asking "why" is my superpower.

What I Do

I've been in the industry since 2012. I focus on the front-end and dabble in everything else. I don't believe in ninjas and rockstars, but I do believe in supportive, collaborative and structured environments and try to make them wherever I go.

Tools I Use

Modern JavaScript Frameworks (React, Vue, etc), Gatsby, TypeScript, Apollo, Redux, Design Systems, Agile Processes, CI/CD

What's a renvrant?

My old name was Renee Vrantsidis and I like impressionism and ghosts.

RREMs and Ems and Pixels, Oh My

08/09/20193 Min Read — In CSS

You have probably heard by this point that rems are the most desirable CSS unit to make layouts in. If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably taken this advice to heart - believing in the necessity…

CCustom Build Modes with Vue CLI 3

04/24/20195 Min Read — In Vue

Vue CLI is an excellent tool for building, scaffolding and otherwise not-worrying-about setting up your Vue application. Given its official support, it's the standard way to spin up a new Vue…